Monday, September 21, 2015

Paper Goods Projects, a Super Make-It Book

Paper Goods Projects, a Super Make-It Book 
By Jodi Levine, photographs by Amy Gropp Forbes
Ten Speed Press, Berkeley

     Have you ever been standing there with an empty paper towel roll in you hand, sure that you could do something crafty with it but not sure what?  Well, author Jodi Levine has the answer for that roll and so many more common household items!

     Paper Goods Projects, a Super Make-It Book, is a colorful 112 page book in which the author gives both the instruction and the inspiration to make fun and useful items.   The crafts range from simple for kids such as “Doily Butterflies” and “Big Box Blocks” to more complex ones for teens such as “Coffee Filter Water Lilly Table Setting”, “Balloon Planets”, and “Recycled Box Pop-up-Cards”.  

     The book is full of great ideas for rainy day projects, home-schooling art lessons, hand-made party decorations, or Vacation Bible School crafts, all with supply lists and directions for each project that are clear and easy to follow.  

     And after learning how to make “Tube Animals” and “Sea Creatures Mobile”, you will be hard pressed to ever throw away another empty paper towel roll!  

About the Author:  
JODI LEVINE is a lifelong crafter. In her nineteen years on Martha Stewart’s staff, she held the roles of craft editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine, editorial director of Martha Stewart Kids magazine, and product designer for Martha Stewart’s popular line of crafts. Jodi is a frequent guest on NBC’s Today and lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their two sons.


DISCLAIMER:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.  I have not received any form of financial compensation for this review.  C.E. Watson


Tracey Brewer said...

This sounds like a neat and useful book!

CE Watson said...

Yes, Tracey, it is a very useful little book!